Where there is shared passion, it is our belief that the potential for collaboration is far more valuable than competition. We chose MATTER as a brand name in large part because we wanted to create a collaborative company, and that’s what’s really exciting for us.


We don’t have the vision of being a designer fashion label in the traditional sense, but a collaborative community that creates together towards the common purpose of furthering textile artisanship. Whether you’re a designer, influencer, stockist, press media, or intern — there’s something for everyone, just write to hello@matterprints.com.
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We work with designers passionate about slow design and bringing the past into the present. Designers who, with their love for cultural heritage, storytelling, and the beauty of simple, intelligent design, collaborate with us across textile design, print reinterpretation and product shapes and styles.


Grounded on the core values of respect, intention, and collaboration — we believe in building long term relationships with the people in our community. If you would like to partner with us, find out more here.


Having an eye for heritage and culture, we’ve carefully curated a selection of brands that share our values — who value provenance and love products with a story and soul. See the list here.


It is our belief that there is something to learn from everyone, and it is this aligned value that grounds our team. If you’d like to grow with us, write in and let us know.


We’re always keen to collaborate on a story. Download our press release and high-resolution photos here.


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