We work with designers passionate about slow design and bringing the past into the present — whose love for cultural heritage, storytelling, and the beauty of simple, intelligent design, collaborate with us across textile design, print reinterpretation and product shapes and styles. We are always open to collaborations and experiments together — on a new print range or for a completely new product. If you’d like to explore a journey with us, just write to hello@matterprints.com.

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An Amsterdam based designer and creative ‘jane of all trades’ who lives on a tiny urban island with her husband and son, spending her days ever creating things and roaming around in her mind. There is definitely a less is more approach to Lisanne’s design work where the intelligence of the garment is revealed in the unexpected placement of a dart, the direction of a seam or the subtle billowing of a well placed pleat. She is passionate about honest craftsmanship and a good story, and anything to do with the wilderness, melancholic music, yoga and her loved ones.

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Khushiram Pandey is a fifth generation block printing artisan and designer from Sanganer, a famous printing hub in Jaipur, Rajasthan. He is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Craft and Design in Jaipur (IICD). Khushiram is currently the Creative Director of AK Groups, which deal in exporting, wholesaling, and retailing of block printed textiles. It is his main goal to sustain the ancient craft of block printing while at the same time giving new direction and innovation to the prints and designs.

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Sonica is an apparel and accessories designer who currently lives in India and engages local artisan communities in a collaborative design process that focuses on training, design and sourcing. She believes in form over function and lives by the axiom that good design is more about how something is made and less about how it looks.She draws inspiration from life and channels her passion for music, impressionist art, anthropology, travel and spirituality into her creative process. She also believes that the life cycle of a product and its environmental impact is central to the design process.

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Joanna is a multidisciplinary artist (illustration, painting, murals, printmaking, bookbinding, lettering, graphic design) and all round creative who is passionate about the arts and community. Her work reflects an investigation into contemporary manifestations of personal, cultural and social identity. These stories are told via pattern, design, collage, illustration and often include alternate personas, voices and characters that emerge from this narrative and delight in the potential of difference, revelling in absurdity.

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Preetika was born and brought up in the foothills of the Himalayas and grew up in a family of artists, photographers and mountaineers. An interdisciplinary approach to design is essential, having the capability of making meaningful connections between seemingly disparate things is what Preetika strives for. She believes that a curious mind always helps, and challenges others to walk backwards and see the world from a different angle. She is also passionate about music, photography, travel, and the mountains of course.

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Huong is a free spirited Vietnamese designer who is trained as a creative pattern cutter. She loves garments with special construction details that reflect a thoughtful design process and strives to design meaningful clothing that bring joy to everyone involved in the process, from the maker to the wearer and everyone else in between. Her other interests include doing henna, inline skating and traveling around the world. Adventurous Huong hopes to one day learn an extreme sport.

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Gui Ying is a Singapore based apparel designer. Her interest in traditional pattern cutting and origami has influenced her to explore different techniques to transform 2D patterns into 3D garments. She believes that each design is a process of problem-solving through understanding traditional clothing to reinterpretation of pattern cutting. A reflection of her personality, she loves setting new goals and challenging her design process to reach it.

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Lionel Low is a Singapore based apparel designer. Having been in the industry for over 6 years now, he focuses on ready to wear designs for women, and bespoke garments depending on the occasion. Growing up with a love for the cello, Lionel has always been drawn to music – a detail that takes root in his approach with design. Inspired by music, he begins every creative process by painting colours and shapes to the cadence and movement of the melody playing in the background – an amalgamation of harmony between sight and sound.


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