Deliveries may be taking slightly longer than expected due to the overwhelming support we received over the last week and the reduced manpower at our third-party warehouse during this COVID period. Please do be patient with us and our delivery partners while we get your orders to you as soon as possible.

Goodbye, for now.

After several months of uncertainty, we’ve reached a decision that this chapter of our story, is ending. It was not an easy one to make, and it’s not an easy one to share with you. We are deeply sad, and we feel the loss greatly. Though we’ve explored many possible pathways, given the future ahead, pressing pause for now is the responsible action to take.

This decision by no means comes from a lack of effort, passion, or imagination. This is a time for us to reflect on what we created that we will take away with us, and what will be remembered.

Currently, we still have a large amount of our lovingly crafted items available online, and new items will continue to arrive as committed in the next few weeks, as many of them are still in production or on their way to us. We’ve committed to the orders that we have already placed with our partners, and will explore with them individually on how else we may lend our support during this time.

While the sale continues, we do not intend to slash to rock bottom prices to clear stock because we, have and always will, value the work and time that is required to make our products. We want you to choose what you love, and what you will keep, treasure, and pass on to future generations. Each item is sustainably sourced, thoughtfully designed, and carefully crafted to bring to you a story of immense importance. During this time of unwinding, we’ve set up this live page for all your ongoing questions on customer service, stockists, products, and our operational status.

In this last leg of this particular path, our one ask is that if and when you choose to bring home a piece of MATTER with you, or even if not, please do share your favourite memory with us, with the hashtag #matteron. We want to know what you will remember, and we hope that our message will continue to live on, through you, even as we have to come to the end of this chapter of our story.

This is not goodbye forever. This is goodbye, for now.


Can I still refund, return, or exchange my products?

We will continue to accept refunds until July 30th, one month from today. After which we would be only able to do exchanges for products until October 15th, this date may be postponed depending on stock quantities.

Returns and exchanges will be enabled through our third-party warehouse. As usual, please contact us first at and we will advise on the return and exchange processes.


When will my store credits and gift card be valid till?

Store credits and gift cards will be valid until the end of 2020. If you’re not able to use your gift card or find a suitable item please reach out to us at


How will I be able to contact MATTER?

As always, the best way to reach out to us for responses within 2 working days is at As we’re winding down the business, we would be slowly moving off our social media platforms and placing them on hiatus.


What if I’m still pending for an order or item to be shipped to me?

Orders will not be disrupted and will continue to be sent out. With the ongoing sale, we expect a slight surge in orders and may cause slight delays within the first few weeks, please bear with us while we get your orders to you.


How long will the sales last?

The sales will last until we run out of stock. We’re expecting it to last until the end of the year but will keep everyone updated on our inventory levels as we go.


What happens to the artisans from here on?

Providing our artisans, regular, and reliable income has always been a fundamental part of what we do. As we continue to complete the orders that we’ve placed, we are also actively working with the artisans to figure out how we can further share our support during this time.

We will update this space as we iron out more details.


What can I do to support MATTER?

Your purchase will help us greatly in doing so for at least a period of time. As usual, we hope that you will buy our pieces not just because it was on sale, but because you will love and wear it for the years to come.

We will continue to see what other projects we can embark on during this period to provide more support to our partner. We will update this space as we iron out more details.

Still got questions? Want to say hi? Email us:

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