Cut and Paste Lifestyle: A Collaboration

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It is our belief that where there is shared passion, the potential for collaboration is far more valuable than competition. We chose MATTER as a brand name in large part because we wanted to create a collaborative company. We don’t have the vision of being a designer fashion label in the traditional sense, but a collaborative community that creates together towards the common purpose of furthering textile artisanship. In collaboration with Cut & Paste Lifestyle, we made a limited range of bags. Traditionally used as a sign of protection and defense of loved ones, we brought the Trikora back in two new styles. Working only with natural products, Cut & Paste Lifestyle sources from a local tannery they’ve known since their childhood. 

From thought to product, this range holds 15 months of intention in its process. Like all good things, our latest capsule range of bags have been in the works for a while now. The idea began last year in April and after months of visiting the leather workshop in Bangkok, prototype back and forths, and fabric sampling – here we are.

What is the inspiration behind CNP and the name for it?

Founded in 2014, Cut & Paste (cnplifestyle) was the result of a vision executed by two brothers who believed in a line of men’s apparel and accessories that would be unique to the global market. These two brothers were raised in the forefront of the clothing and the leather industry, and since a young age sought to branch their inspirations from travelling the world into menswear fashion. With the intent to create products for the unique gentleman’s lifestyle, their motto was simple – simple yet practical. Cut & Paste is not only something you wear everyday, but a part of our company’s collection that tells the story of our journey – and soon your journey.


Our main inspiration comes from our experience with the Japanese culture. While traveling, the concept of Wabi Sabi, the ability to see beauty in natural imperfection, caught our attention.


We found that each country visited gives you it’s own ‘Wabi Sabi’ teachings. Our logo is inspired from the tibetan symbol of eternity where we have derived part of the logo to represent that each product we create is something that should never go out of fashion and that it should be something that is lasting.

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What kind of textiles do you work with?

We work with only natural products, such as Australian sourced cotton, linen and cotton canvas.

Tell us more about the leather that was sourced.

The leather was sourced from a local tannery that we have known since childhood. The leather we use is called oiled leather and goes through the process of drum dyeing. This tumbling process allows the dye to be mixed thoroughly and penetrates the leather better. Our leather then goes through an oil and waxing process which gives the leather it’s premium look and feel. It’s also vegetable tanned, which makes it biodegradable. 

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How long does it take to make one bag?

It takes roughly 3 days to produce one tote bag from pattern making to sewing on the finishing touches.

What do you hope for the industry of craft in Asia?

I would want to see more collaboration and joint ventures across various brands and industries especially now that ASEAN open door policy has somewhat been implemented. With so many different cultures and background within a small region, the future to diversify and create new opportunities is endless. We should be proud of our local heritage and traditions and find ways to share this with others on a wider scale.

Woven and handloomed in ikat, The Duo Tote Pack and The Folio Foldover are limited with 20 pieces each. 2 bags, 4 ways – we made them to be versatile in their function. From desk to city, they were designed hold everything you need for a day on your feet.

Explore the range here.

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