Dear Size 3 Customers

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When we first launched MATTER we knew that we wanted to celebrate people and provenance. That meant having products that were not only bold and filled with stories, but they also had to be unisex, and inclusive to fit multiple sizes. With that, we reduced the complicated sizing of pants into three flexible options that fit 2-3 “regular” pant sizes into 1. Meaning, our Size 1 pants fit US sizes 4-6, Size 2 fits US sizes 8-10, and Size 3 fits US sizes 12-14. We thought that this could be the core of our sizes and we would slowly grow to have more, including a Petite and Tall range. But two years into the journey, we realized then that our dreams were bigger than our business. It was not operationally possible for us to continue to offer a multitude of sizes in all of the styles. So we wrote a letter to you then, letting you know that we would be reducing our styles available in size three.

It has since been a year and a half since that decision. Thanks to your support and love, we’ve grown significantly and are able to do so much more: like expanding to include an organic cotton range, and a selection of tops available in natural dye and banana fibre. With this growth, it also means that we are once again able to offer more sizes in more styles.

Starting next month, we will be adding to our size 3 range in signature styles like the Sideswept Dhoti, Classic Wideleg, Lounge Lunghi, and Modern Monpe. We’ll also be introducing Petite options in styles like the Side Lunghi, Modern Monpe, All Day Jumpsuit, and Classic Jumpsuit.

It is not an easy process to decide which styles should have more sizes. We’ve done our best to do it justice by looking at what you’ve purchased in the past, the feedback that you’ve given us, and the results from the annual survey you took part in. Your continued input and suggestions have shaped MATTER into this brand that you see, everything that you’ve taken the time to share with us is carefully considered and implemented, whenever possible.

With that said, we know that this is only the start. There is more to be done, we hope that in the future, not too long from now, we would be able to expand the Size 3 and Petite range to include all our styles. We also want to explore Size 4 (for those who wear US size 16-18), a Tall range, and so much more. We sincerely believe that with time, we will grow our community larger and one day, we will get there.

Matter on.

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