DEL-KTM | Window Wanderings

Jet Airways flight to KTM

I feel it already, the idea of leaving the comfortable zone of familiarity, with people and spaces – and moving away in this weird sense of unknown freedom which is a little scary but supremely rewarding.

I had my share of productive wrapping ups and light conversations in the flight with Aleena, together with surprising servings of Tiger beers (how the hell do they serve free imported beer in a South Asian flight? Surprising  pleasures from subcontinent called home ) Aleena is still so innocent in her way of seeing this whole idea of travel, and haste of what and how to do,  it’s good to witness the remarkably surprising emotions of unfamiliarity that awaits her, and me. It’s good to go away, it’s good to feel new, become another person, and blazing fast learnings about the self, and the world around me that never fails to awe. Am about to witness so much new, and I can’t wait to simply be the person that awaits me.

Unfamiliarity, the idea of setting in a space or time that you have no idea about, and an airplane transports you there like a time machine, and you witness emotions that you never knew existed. I am in love with that frightening little feeling, where you know nothing but adventure lies ahead, and you’ve got only trust and positive to give – to yourself and the world around you.

I finally landed and the wide roads of Kathmandu are washed with beautiful wet rains, the weather is 27 degrees and I feel my heart open wide with gratitude as I land into this all new life for the next few months. I just saw usual brash Aleena from Delhi pray for the first time in her life, like a fragile child stating its for her wellness, safety and good travels. I remember I did the same in my Finnair flight. It’s funny how you turn so Indian the moment you step out of India, it’s as if you don’t take your roots for granted, the moment you’re a nomad. The world changed since, I wonder who I’d come back as, this time again.  So damn cute, I feel really really happy. :))))))


The taxi ride to Thamel

Nepal hasn’t changed. Contrary to what they say, people are still kind as of now, and it’s cute to see people with more self assurance than big city counterparts. Nepal seems to be a closed economy, and the western/urban interpretation of the same would associate it with poverty, dying children, etc etc. Nothing of that sort, people have pride in their eyes, a sense of contentment and this assurance of modernity amongst themselves. For some reason, as of now am looking at innocence as an emotion, and am getting to realise how important and beautiful it is to simply ‘believe’. I found it more in the India that I grew up in. Nepal is still there. Couples look okay with mundaneness, young boys still think of kindness as a virtue, the fantastic imagination of fashion, money and Bollywood is seen all over billboards, it’s all a goody goody peaceful bubble,  totally contrary to the the post earthquake blah on news etc etc. Personally; the sense of entering in a new space is walking in gradually and slowly as this is totally another world vibe from Delhi. I feel the calmness walk in slowly as I wander through the window; looking into people’s eyes and imagining their lives, aspirations and human-ness. Times suddenly slowing down and am coming back to 26 degrees calmness and a hotel room with wide windows to think, create and shape new ideas that will soon become me.

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