FIELDTESTED | Babs O’Reilly, Blogger At Patchwork Cactus

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Babs is a quirky mother who is a blogger at Patchwork Cactus where she blogs on all things related to DIY, style, parenting, fashion, food and photography. She talks to us about her motivations and what the journey has been
like so far.

You live ‘the slow life’ in a beach side suburb on the East Coast of Australia. Tell us what the slow life is to you, and how you arrived in it?

The slow life to me is more of a goal than a reality. Life is busy and crazy with little people around but so long as I am taking moments of quiet, using my hands to make, telling stories, being content in my home and life and saying
yes to reading books and baking with my kids as much as possible then I feel like I’m winning. Life will probably never be slow but I want to keep my approach to it as calm and simplistic as possible.

You’ve shared countless DIY projects and tutorials. What motivates and inspires
you everyday?

Necessity and Instagram. I make things I want and need for my home and kids, I’m not sure when or where this started but since becoming a mum I have found myself creating on almost a daily basis. I am totally addicted to Instagram and all the amazing images I consume daily make my brain swell with ideas.

Being the sole contributor of Patchwork Cactus mustn’t be easy. What are the 3 things you wished you knew before starting on a blogging career?

Hmmm, good question. I have had so much fun learning all the creative things .

  1. I do wish I had more technical skills like photo editing.
  2. I wasn’t prepared for how unbelievably addictive blogging and social media were but I don’t think this
    knowledge would have changed any of the decisions I made.
  3. The amount of amazing friends I have make through this bloggy journey have changed my life, I
    wish I knew that because I probably would have started a lot earlier.

What’s coming up on the calendar of the Patchwork House?

EVERYTHING! There are birthdays and Christmas parties lined up back to back for the next 6 weeks, I am so excited but also a bit miffed at how much there is to do. There will be no slow life in the lead up to Christmas.

What’s one motto you want your children to live by?

Ohhhh, lots of them. Firstly I want them to choose happy and be grateful. Also to live and let live and to always know that they are enough. But secretly I suspect they will teach me more about the world then I them, they have already started.

Famous last words?

Hopefully I get to tell someone thank you and that I love them.

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We are inspired by Babs’ determination and way of raising her children, and are proud to have her as a Fieldtester, a group of inspiring friends that regularly test MATTER products in their workplace and travels to help us improve durability and design. Babs is wearing The Hitched Hikers + Kamal, Size 1.

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