FIELDTESTED | Caroline Lee, Founder And Photographer At Woodnote Photography

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Caroline Lee is the founder and part of the husband-wife team of photographers at Woodnote Photography. We love her style and attitude and invited her to be a Fieldtester – inspiring people whose stories we share and who fieldtest our pants in their work and travels. 

We’re big fans of your quirky elegant photography. What guides your creative process and how would you describe your style?

Thank you so much! What guides my creative process is quirk + color. I love bright, I love joy, I love being alive.. and I love scenes + settings that remind me to have a sense of humor about life. I can get really serious + overly analytical, so my creative process keeps me grounded in enjoyment.

You work with your husband Jayden for your photography business. Tell us what that’s like, and describe a super good day and a terrible bad day.

Oh man, how much honesty do you want here? 😉

Jayden’s strengths are my weaknesses, (and vice versa, I think) so on a good day, we see the other as only the good things they are capable of. He does the tasks I could never do (he’s super love-y and connect-y) and I do the stuff he hates and isn’t great at (scheduling, getting things done quickly.. the task-y things)… on a bad day, we resent each other for the things the other isn’t good at, and nothing really gets done. (haha)

Authenticity seems to be a big value of yours. Where does that come from?

It is, it is! i’m so grateful that comes through 🙂 I value authenticity because I believe that who I really am is the only true thing I can offer others + myself. I don’t ‘own’ anything in the world except my word, and so I want that to be something real and true. humans crave realness, and connect with honesty (myself included), so authenticity provides a strong foundation for anything I want to build or create.

If we came for breakfast what would be on the table in your home?

A delicious smoothie filled with almond milk, avocado, cacao, flax seeds, honey, blueberries, kale and a frozen banana. Ohhhh yes, a good breakfast sets the tone for the day!

Bucket list item?

It used to be “get to Antarctica before I turn 30”, but I did that last year, so I haven’t really thought up a new list. Going to Cuba would be a biggie.

The world needs more ________________.

Humans who take ownership in creating peace and love in their lives and relationships (instead of waiting for someone else to do it)! Also, more color, and laughter, and karaoke bars. 😉

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