FIELDTESTED | Jamie Lee, Lawyer, Designer And Founder Of The Paper Bunny

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Jamie Lee is the driving force and founder of The Paper Bunny a Singapore-based stationery designer and retailer of carefully crafted prints and gifts that reflect a style that is playful and fun-loving, yet sophisticated and practical. She shares with us lessons from her journey as an entrepreneur, designer and a lawyer.

You are an in-house lawyer as well as a designer. How has the shift from focusing on one field to juggling with several jobs been like for you?

Stationery and design has always been part of my life, and The Paper Bunny is just a natural and a very wide extension of that. Other than the constant desire for more time, the opportunity to think differently, use different parts of my brain and meet a completely different range of people in my two fields have greatly enriched me as a person and sharpened my skills. It definitely takes some endurance to juggle 2 jobs plus still doing my best to
maintain a social, family and personal life, but with the help of a good husband and the grace of God, I am thankful for what I have now.

We love your flat lay photos and how it captures the vibe. How do you keep the wonder of flat lay images?

Thank you! I think it’s all about knowing for yourself the message you want to bring across. If you don’t have a purpose for these things spread across your table/floor is for, chances are your viewer will not catch the message either.

As a designer and a lawyer, how do you think design and law (2 different things!) have changed your life and your ways of seeing?

Both law and design were not things I planned to do but they have greatly impacted my life. In fact, add to that the joys and toils of running a business, and I’d say my last 2 years of learning and growing has definitely been nothing short of life-changing. Being a lawyer trains my mind towards specificity and the letter of the law. Being a business owner opens my mind up towards commercial considerations that go beyond words on a contract. Design and styling on the other hand, reaches the heart. I’d say my mind has never been so busy!

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What practical advice would you give someone who is contemplating to leave his or her comfortable job to seek something more?

I think it would be easy to say “Go for it!”, but I understand the difficulties and the sacrifices that have to be made in order to arrive to that decision. I don’t think I’m actually in the best place to give advice considering how I took so long to come to that decision, but I’m pretty excited and scared at the same time to see how that goes. Without courage to take the step out into the darkness, there’s no knowing how far you could fly.

What are 3 tips/lessons you wished you knew before setting up your own business?

Be clear of what is your business about so you can do that one thing well, know your strengths and limitations and don’t undercut yourself.

If you published a book it would be called _________.

I think I would call it “#Superwoman”. It seems very popular nowadays to want to be the woman that has it all – to run a successful business, have a loving family, financial freedom, be able to travel, have time and will to exercise regularly, excellent skin, throw great parties, cook well, have cute children, and be an inspiration to younger women. I however think that women (myself included) should be freed from the Instagram definition of perfection and it’d be fun and interesting to write about the reality and priorities of women living picture-perfect lives because I know many of them go through so many ups and downs and make sacrifices and really prioritise what’s important to them in order to get to where they are today.

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We are inspired by Jaime’s multi disciplinary talent and passion, and are proud to have her as Fieldtester, a group a group of inspiring friends that regularly test MATTER products in their workplace and travels to help us improve durability and design. Jaime wears The Sideswept Dhoti + Trikora, Size 1.

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