FIELDTESTED | Qew Hector, Blogger At Beautiful Life Industries

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Qew is the founder and blogger at Beautiful Life Industries – a blog dedicated to motherhood, empowering positive body image, life and fashion. She shares with us her journey as an inspiring mom blogger.

Share with us a turning point in your journey. How did you decide that blogging at Beautiful Life Industries (BLI) would be your calling, if it is?

I started blogging in 2012/2013. I found myself in a negative headspace that I just couldn’t shake, I was focusing
more on what I didn’t have rather than what was right in front of my eyes. I also wanted to start documenting our crazy life for my gorgeous daughter Olive. I really want her to look back one day and feel that she can be her true self,
blogging has given me a platform to be me and express myself in a way that is liberating and also has the power to help others feel like they can be their true selves also.

Why the name Beautiful Life Industries?

The name is a simple one for me. I am from a small town, I grew up at the beach (you can see my hometown in my
images). I lived a simple carefree life and then before I knew it I found myself raising a young family in the hustle & bustle of the city. The city, Sydney is the “industry” and I thought how can I bring the beautiful life I want to lead into that? So Beautiful Life Industries it is.

What do you work on when you’re not writing and styling shots for your family and yourself? (Did we mention how we absolutely love the way you boldly match your outfits!)

Thank you so much! Fashion & style is therapeutic to me. I love expressing myself visually. To be honest, when I am not working on my blog I am a juggling, full time working Mum trying to keep it together!

What are 3 tips/lessons you wished you knew before becoming a blogger?

To be honest, I didn’t know anything about blogging when I started and the more I have learnt along the way, the
more it has made me want to keep blogging the way I am blogging. Many people have advice, skills, e-courses etc on how to be a big successful blogger. I am less interested in those things than I am in wanting to blog honestly and from the heart, I think if you are going to write something and put it out to the world it has to have the right intentions. I’m also terrible at following direction/rules so for now just blogging my way makes me happy.

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Tell us a story about someone that changed your life, and how you’ve changed theirs.

6 years ago I travelled to an orphanage in rural North Thailand. I lived there for 3 weeks and taught English at their school. I can’t say that I changed their lives because honestly I didn’t, but I held them, hugged them, gave them time and attention, things most of us take for granted. I slept on the floor and came home covered in body lice, it seriously changed the way I viewed the world and also shaped the way I would Mother my children. There are so many feelings about my time spent there I have trouble putting them into words.

What’s an old object that you cherish?

I am not hugely sentimental, but I must say my wedding ring. It’s not a diamond or anything fancy, it’s a banged up amethyst ring that I designed and had made. My daughter holds my hand out and kisses it every day. She was a huge part of our wedding last year and I love that something so simple can mean so much to both of us.

Favourite quote that you live by?

It’s not famous or anything, but I just want people to feel “It’s OK to be yourself”.


We are inspired by Qew’s vision of positive body image and keeping things real, and are proud to have her as Fieldtester, a group a group of inspiring friends that regularly test MATTER products in their workplace and travels to help us improve durability and design. Qew wears The Sunday Overalls in Leharia, Size 1. 

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