Lessons For My 16-Year-Old Self

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I recently went back to a school to talk to some 16 year olds and was asked to share some insight and lessons. I guess being 12 years older does yield some level of wisdom. So here is my list of 5:


1. Get lost early 

Self explanatory – exploration has to happen from the start. You need to explore the edges of your map before you can navigate your own path.

2. Ask and ye shall receive

The art of asking:

Will you? – work with me, help me out on this, share your experience; you’ll be surprised by how many people will give of their time, connections and resources if you just knew how to ask. And of course, offer in return.

What drives you? – finding out what motivates others and their values will always help you connect with the right people.

So what? – what is the point of ever doing what you’re doing, both in the near and far term?

3. Design your own version of ‘having it all’

We can’t have it all, but that’s only if we don’t know what our ‘all’ is. We’re human and are finite. Defining our own terms of what our ‘all’ is is what’s going to bring success.

4. 4 things 

Treat your life like a creative project and identify 4 things you want in it. For me, that’s travel, expression, impact and freedom/autonomy. Being able to design a life with 3 out of those 4 things is a pretty good deal.

5. Your own equation for success

Mine is:

Success =  Doing what you Love + Doing what you’re Good at + Positive Impact on the world

Work on one that you own.

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