Let’s Talk About Sales

We understand that sales give customers access to brands they otherwise couldn’t buy from before because of their budget, which is why we have two sales yearly – at the start of the year, and during summer. We’ve always been transparent about their annual advent, and they always last for 4 weeks, and never extend it with further discounts. The intention behind this is to encourage our community to take the time to think through their purchase, and see if they really need this item or if they’re buying it simply because the price is reduced.

Part of being in a purpose-driven business is looking beyond profit and product. Alongside conversations around revenue, customer metrics, growth percentages and the like, there is also a parallel continual conversation around why we exist in the first place, what impact we want to achieve, and the quantitative metrics that govern that. Having those two conversations coexist is a dialogue that speaks to the core of our mission. So with all this talk about sales, we thought we’d take a step back and focus on the bigger picture.

It’s no secret that the textile industry is amongst the highest polluting industry in the world. People spend an average of $1,700 annually on clothing; in the 1930s people would buy 9 outfits a year, and now it has gone up to 30. So, while we would love for you to buy our pieces, we would love it more if you bought it, not just because it was on sale, but because you will love and wear it for the years to come. 

If you’re stumped about what that looks like, just ask yourself 3 questions:

1. Do I need this?
2. Did I want this before I saw it on sale?
3. Why am I buying this?

We’ve heard the saying every purchase you make is a vote for the kind of world you want. Knowing this, we have a responsibility to shop consciously, aware that every decision made has a ripple effect in its impact. With that said, if you’ve been thinking about a piece for a while now or can see yourself wearing it multiple times – we’d love for you to explore our annual sale and we hope you find something to love and wear for years to come.

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