The Nomad Cart, Iterated

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Nomad cart: version 1

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Nomadis: version 2

The Nomad Cart was first conceived as a way to have a traveling launch and also showcase and tell our brand story in a better way. We believe in provenance and products with story, and pants on a rack simply doesn’t cut it in terms of providing that experience. Our first cart designed by Acre gave a sense of travel with its wheel and collapsible, transportable utility. Its now residing in kapok. The second cart, imagined by Dennis from Harou Design, is titled Nomadis, and is built with recycled timber and steel, with only one bolt. Handbeaten copper shelves are held together by rope tension alone and a few sailor’s knots, and with the undulating crafted timber top beam, brings to mind a sailboat on the seas. This second cart now resides at Naiise. Third upcoming cart, version 3, was built to be modular and extendable, and will be at Tangs. We’re already thinking of the fourth one, to be completely collapsible to be able to ship overseas. Can you tell we love doing this?

Find more of Dennis work on Harou here.

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