Our Hybrid Process

We’re all about provenance. In our design process from print to pant we search for stories to put into our clothing, and take an interpretive approach to the gems that history offers up. We design our pant styles from fittings on real women, and our business model to suit artisan production seasons. All our fabric is made in artisan communities in limited edition batches, while the final garments are stitched in fair factories.

Our production process is hybrid because we work to bridge the gap between traditional, rural artisanship and modern, urban markets and design principles. To this end, we’re not preservationist in the sense of conserving the art of the crafts we work with. We believe that sustainable progress requires change in this sector. We incorporate elements of digital and mechanical processes where it is more efficient, and handmade processes when we see that they have immeasurable human value.

For example, our Ikat fabric is hand tied and hand dyed to graph calculations, whereas the fabric itself is power-loomed. This results in a denser, more durable weave, eliminates the monotonous weaving process but retains the exceptional skill and experiential knowledge required for tying and dying the patterns. Read more on our blog for more behind the scenes stories on our designing and making process.

design process
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Read more to learn how we choose our artisan partners based on a criteria we developed.

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