Purpose Drives You, Passion Alone Drifts You

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We’ve been thinking. People are often mistaken in the belief that in order to enjoy their job, they need to pursue their “passion”. Is following your passion worth it? Truth is, passion is overrated. There is a difference between having a purpose and a passion. For example, just because someone enjoys cycling, it definitely does not mean he/she will make a successful career as a cyclist. Instead of confusing career and passion, we should focus on finding a purpose—finding ways to maximize your passion and skills to what the world needs. Unlike purpose, passion is vulnerable to erratic human emotions.

Take these three pointers into consideration when determining passion and purpose, and by the end we bet you will have your answer.


  • Follow purpose, external rather than intrinsic.
  • Purpose drives you to what you ought to do.
  • Finding your own purpose then motivates to you to everything else, it leads one thing to another
  • Purpose is long term, passion isn’t
  • Passion is “I’m doing because I think I’m really into it.”
  • What exactly is passion? If passion is about the enthusiasm you get when thinking of an idea, then it doesn’t lead you to anywhere.
  • Purpose determines, if not, it guides passion.
  • Purpose is looking at the bigger picture, setting proper intentions on why you are doing it. There’s a goal out of it.
  • Cultivating purpose = Cultivating life. What does the world need of you? How do you propel towards it?
  • Focusing on your own passions instead of your purpose in life, is self-serving and egotistical


  • Nothing is ever really right/spot on the first time
  • Trial and error
  • Learn and listen from the signs
  • Ask yourself questions, why? Re-evaluate your purpose, realign it with your intention
  • Stay focused and remind yourself of your intentions on why you embarked on the journey
  • Look at the bigger picture to see the links in the details.
  • Just do it


  • Setting your priorities
  • Jotting it down
  • Sticking to it when it is hard instead of going down
  • The importance of staying optimistic. It is the first quality you should have to drive to success
  • If you don’t motivate yourself to your own purpose, how will it work?

Passion alone will only drift you. Once you’ve found your purpose, it will help to re-align your passion and focus. Without purpose, passion is just merely enthusiasm with no drive. There is no such thing as a ‘perfect job’ but having a purpose in life will determine your journey and destination. Trust yourself and just do it.

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