What We’re Reading: Creative Intelligence Part I

A book from innovation expert Bruce Nussbaum and the first two creative competencies in it.

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Note: These are excerpts taken from the book, some of them directly, some of them paraphrased.

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The different ways of learning and mining knowledge to systematically enable the connection of different ideas to produce new ones.

Embodiment: becoming aware of knowledge and skills you may not have even recognised as creative and putting them to use in new and surprising ways

Immersion: throwing yourself fully into a topic or culture that interests you and honing that area of expertise until it becomes second nature

Donut knowledge: the ability to see what is not there, and exploring what has not been discussed i.e. the hole in the donut.


We all hold a number of beliefs about the world that colour our interpretations of people and events, but people with Creative Intelligence are able to turn the frame to the side, flip them around or toss them altogether changing the way we view the world and ourselves in it.

Narrative Reframing: Breaking routines and the existing narrative, listening to stories of experiences to understand motivations.

Engagement Framing: Rethinking how existing relationships and points of interaction can materialise, and examining how specific groups want to engage.

What-if Framing: Challenging basic assumptions and our understanding of the world as it is and can be.

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