3 Ways To Wear A Dress If You Hate Dresses

We love dresses for their versatile and easy-to-wear nature, but we know that the one-piece style may not be for everyone. While our pants are a timeless style we love reaching for, we wanted to try to make wearing dresses a less daunting task.

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Here are 3 tips on wearing dresses if you hate wearing dresses:


The Shirt Dress

If your go-to outfit is a shirt and trousers, a shirt dress is a simple but effortless transition into wearing dresses. Not only does it have the classic silhouette and feel of a shirt, but it also eliminates the worry of pairing it with anything else – it is a finished outfit that stands entirely on its own. You can enjoy the straight cut of the dress as it is, or belt it at the waist to emphasise your curves. Better yet, the shirt dress can be unbuttoned at the bottom to allow for longer strides, or unbuttoned completely and worn as a jacket when you’re not in the dressy mood. Dress it up or down depending on the accessories. 



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The Dress and Pants Combo

If wearing a dress just is not something you look forward to, wear it with pants. Take it as is and wear it as a tunic with jeans and some flats, or if you have a long button-up frock, unbutton it half way and wear with fitted slacks and leave the rest of the dress trailing behind you. This combination works well with light-weight dresses, as it avoids looking too bulky, and it won’t make you feel too warm. Try it out with an asymmetrical hem dress with jeans too, to create a casual look out of what would be more of a formal-style dress. This is another way to wear your summer dresses throughout the year.



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Layering can be as simple as throwing a cardigan or leather jacket over your dress. Or consider wearing your dress over a shirt. The dress-over-shirt style has been around for years, and constantly gets reinvented. You can transform a slip dress from evening wear to daytime with a t-shirt underneath or layer by tying a flannel shirt around your waist to break up the dress and create a coordinating top and skirt look.

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TIP: Go a step further and wear a skirt over your dress, and have the dress peek out for an edgy look. 

Let us know other ways you like to wear your dress in the comments below, or show us by using the hashtag #mattertribe.

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