How To Keep Up With Socio-Political News

A couple months ago, we wrote an article about the privilege of being non-political, it was a piece that felt relevant especially with the current sociopolitical climate. Being non-political is a privilege, and for those of us who need the wake up call, it makes us oblivious and privileged. The ability to choose to be non-political, and to demand conversations or spaces be non-political is evidence of an invisible privilege not accessible by all. So where do we go from here?

Sociopolitical news
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Here’s a masterlist of the best ways you can keep up with sociopolitical news:

Websites and Apps

  1. The New York Times
    The New York Times has been lauded as one of the world’s most popular sources for sociopolitical news. The app will deliver breaking news alerts and allow you to save articles or share them on your social media. The only downside is that full access to their website isn’t free unless you pay for a subscription fee that’ll cost you $15 for basic unlimited access to all articles.
  2. BBC News
    Just as well-respected, BBC News is a platform that keeps you updated on the latest news. There’s also a live-streaming news channel available on the app, if you prefer to watch your news instead of read it. What this also means is that anytime there’s breaking news, you’ll get an update too. But of course, you can pick and choose the frequency of this based on your preference and notifications.
  3. Reuters
    With over 2,500 reporters across 200 locations, Reuters has its feet on the ground for breaking news across the world. The app will personalise your digital experience, gives you the standard news alerts, and even has a section highlighting key features for you to quickly digest the most important stuff.
  4. Google News
    Google News is the definition of personally curated. Based on your current destination as well as your recent reads and article browses, the platform gives you a TLDR version of breaking stories.
  5. Reddit
    Despite what your first impressions and already set schema might be of Reddit, their news thread features only real news articles, primarily but not exclusively, news relating to the United States and the rest of the World.

Instagram and Facebook

  1. The Washington Post
    The Washington Post is a US based sociopolitical news platform. Their feed is an organised arrangement of striking visuals coupled with lengthy texts that share its context. 
  2. The Guardian
    Serious content in a multimedia format. Simply said.
  3. BBC News
    A collection of world news along with offbeat stories. BBC News also shares longer form video content for those who enjoy a more diverse way of consuming their daily digest. Plus, coverage of the Royal Family. 
  4. The Telegraph
    The Telegraph is a daily newspaper based in UK, but still has its focus across world news and politics, as well as entertainment news. 
  5. VICE News
    Documentary style films. Not all news focused, so if you’d like an understanding of the sociopolitical news with a break every once and again then this is the channel for you. 
  6. Channel News Asia
    Moving onto Asia focused news, this platform is the lighter side of Channel News Asia with lifestyle and trending news breaking apart the regular sociopolitical news. 
  7. Straits Times
    The Straits Times is an English-language daily broadsheet newspaper based in Singapore. Look towards here for a variety of current events, world news, and local trending news as well. 

If you have a couple more resources to add, leave your comment down below. Otherwise. go ahead and share this sociopolitical news masterlist!

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