How To Wear MATTER In Colder Weather

Given the nature of our artisan production, our business model takes into account this inherent slowness with a focus on seasonless styles and seasonal fabrics. Just as we made these products to be seasonless in their silhouettes, we also created them to be seasonless across all weather.

Introducing your cheat sheet for winter: featuring our essentials.


Go thermal. Start with the inner layers and move from there. Think tights, leggings, long sleeves – look for those that are lined with fleece to keep the heat in well.


Don’t just pile on the layers, be selective with the material. Fabrics best for insulating heat are cotton, wool, and cashmere – stick to the three and you’ll be good to go.


If you’re all layered up and still feeling the cold, chances are you’re missing a few key spots. Cover up your head, neck, and ears (hands and feet too if you want to stay cozy) – you’ll lose heat faster if they’re exposed.

Grounded in a philosophy of seasonless styles and seasonal fabrics, every piece is created with the intention to carry you through the years to come. Go ahead and take our tips as yours for the colder months ahead. Explore more.

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