The Creative Director’s Capsule Closet

A couple months ago, we went to India and visited our artisan partners and stitching factory to get up close and personal with the production process. Before we left, the team was talking about the idea of a capsule closet and somehow one thing led to another and I was asked to take on the challenge. They set the rules: 14 pieces for 13 days (PJs and shoes included). We were going to do 14 pieces for 14 days, for numbers sake, but there was a small issue with my visa and I ended up flying a day after the rest of the team.

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This is what I chose:

4 pairs of pants, 4 tops, 2 options for outerwear, 2 pairs of shoes, 1 scarf, and 1 kaftan (for PJ-wearing).

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Left: Wearing the Easy Dhoti + Falcon Dusk (coming soon) with my Kerawang cut lace black tank, and layered with an army surplus jacket for the Hyderabad cold. Right: Taking the same pants in Jaipur, and switching it up with a bright top from Klarra and The Chenelle Jacket + Bhalka.

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Left: The Side Lunghi + Avani (new print coming soon) worn with my yellow Klarra top and sandals from a market in Jaipur. Right: Same pair of pants worn by the village side in Ahmedabad with a boxy blue top from Anokhi.

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Left: Taking The Chenelle Jacket + Bhalka out on our day exploring the palaces of Jaipur with the Side Lunghi + Falcon Olive (new print coming soon!) Right: Wearing the reversed side of same coat in the streets of Delhi, with a blockprinted scarf and sandals.

3 things I learned from my capsule closet challenge:

1. It was actually faster to get dressed in the morning cause I had less options. I enjoyed the process of co-ordinating outfits and making them work with each other to create varied looks.
2. I discovered that the Ikat fabrics wear well without having to wash them. All I needed to do was hand wash the tops. Plus, it helped that the climate was cooler.
3. The world is not going to end if I wear the same clothes in one week and I’m in the same clothes in photos on Instagram!

P.S. Here’s a list of the 14 pieces in full detail:

1. The Classic Wideleg + IChing Sandstone
2. The Easy Dhoti + Falcon Dusk (Coming soon)
3. The Side Lunghi + Avani (Coming soon)
4. The Side Lunghi + Falcon Olive (Coming soon)
5. Les Biches Black Boxy Top
6. Klarra Yellow Sleeveless Top
7. Kerawang Cut Lace Black Tank
8. Anokhi Blue Top
9. Army jacket (It was actually flatmate’s  – she got it from an army surplus store in Australia and I had an army jacket I got from Singapore, I think it was from Beach Road Army market 10 years ago. I loved hers and she loved mine, so we swapped it!)
10. The Chenelle Jacket + Bhalka
11. Superga white sneakers
12. Sandals from a market in Jaipur
13. Blockprinted scarf
14. Kaftan from a Batik shop on Arab Street


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