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Goja: Print Story

“In 2018, we travelled to India for the very first time as a team. For many of us, myself included, it was our first time even in India. It was so magical. There was inspiration everywhere, from the colourful clothing, chaotic streets, to the amazing architecture–every detail was the beginning of a story we wanted to know more about. 

The Goja motif was inspired from our visit to Pochampally Handloom Park in Hyderabad, the heartland of weaving. The building was painted in blush and had monochromatic lines running across, with an accent of four small but strong squares in the middle–like guiding stars in the sky. We snapped a photo of it quickly during our walk through the Handloom Park and a month after we came back from our trip, we used it as our inspiration.

print story: goja
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As much as we are known for bold and geometric prints of the like, we’ve been wanting to create our own version of the classic stripe fabric as a subtle option for our community. The stripe motif is timeless for a reason, it has been one of the most enduring and accessible patterns around, dating back to the classic navy blues and whites from the French navy. In this same manner, the Goja motif is our modern take on the universal stripe pattern. 

print story: goja
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The print development alone took almost 3 rounds of changes, we spent around 12 months going through fabric samplings just to get the square motifs and running lines sitting at the exact position intended. At one point, Sonica, our artisan consultant, had to send us the original ikat graph so that we could mark the squares of the motif at the right position. Woven in double ikat, the Goja motif is greater than the sum of its parts.”

– As told by May Ee, Design and Merchandising Manager

Take a look at the Goja collection here.

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