Inle Lake, Myanmar: The Hitched Hikers + Kamal Lagoon

The clues behind the #destinationunknown campaign revealing inspirations behind our new editions.

The first unknown destination: Inle Lake, Myanmar, inspiration for the Kamal Lagoon print on the Hitched Hikers.

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1. Small boat – the main mode of transport used by locals, often rowing while balancing on just one leg
2. Endemic speicies – over twenty species of snails and nine species of fishes are found nowhere else in the world but in Inle Lake.
3. Bamboo – most locals live in house made of wood and woven bamboo stilts.
4. Buddhist accessories – locals are devout Buddhists.
5. Shan bag – tote bag used daily by locals.
6. Lotus – lotus plant fibres are used to produce fabric that is unique to Inle Lake.

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Fun, flirty and functional, these hikers are fit for walking, lounging, and shimmying your way down almost any path you choose. Inspired by the Bloomer which was a symbol of women’s rights in the 1850s and which paved the way for metaphorical and literal freedom, this updated version comes with a flat fronted waistband, hitched at the sides for a flattering silhouette. The four button closure means it can be worn high or low, teamed with heels and a snazzy top for the evenings or a slouchy top and casual kicks for every day use.

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