MAKING | The Consistency of Change

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The experience of work that depends on the elements is an entirely different perspective.

We’re so used to being enclosed within buildings, windows and cubicles that the changing weather outside seldom affects what we do.

Developed economies pride themselves on being insular, on having built systems to conquer the whims of natural change. Rain? Ha! Sunshine? Ha. We continue to work and function as if nothing could touch us.

Imagine a day where what you plan to work on depends entirely on where the sun and fog is that morning. That the way you mix your base dye and the colour you’d like to achieve depends on wind, humidity, and the quality of water you’re using. And also the temperature of the air in the immediate hour after you’re done. Imagine continually weighing the elements and adjusting the filter fabric in your colour tray to match the fineness of the print design, and combining a methodical, unbroken rhythm of laying a block with the gentle balance of your hand’s weight.

True, it’s not a system made for consistency. But are we humans made to be consistent at all?

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