Meherab and Koya: Coming Full Circle

Textile artisanship is a lens through which we see the universal basics that connect us – the need to express our values, find meaning through storied motifs, and create beauty. We believe in designing from the past, which is why most of our styles are inspired by inspiring heritage silhouettes and our prints are taken from existing motifs. It is through the lens of these stories and existing designs that we choose to understand the histories before us and reinterpret the narrative.

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Almost five years ago, we began our journey by celebrating generational craft. Blockprinting and ikat were the first crafts we worked with – and it was when we met Khushiram and Srinath. So it only seemed befitting that with the start of this new year, we share two prints that they designed themselves: the Meherab and Koya.

Khushiram, our fifth generation blockprinting artisan partner, created the Meherab print when he was studying in design college. He took to the palaces of Jaipur and was drawn to the arch of the doors, curves swimming one after another leaving ripples of lines in the shadows. The Meherab print is a placement print, but counter to its typical wasteful process, we reworked this motif with Khushiram so that the print was set in its design while leaving minimal fabric waste.

Meherab and Koya Print Full Circle 2
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The Koya motif is a composed repeat of lines in their parallel. We were visiting his home and collective of weavers in Pochampally last year when we saw a bundle of this motif in a stack of colourful ikat woven fabrics. Created by Srinath, our master weaver who taught us the intricate ropes of ikat, we named this print after the village he calls home – the Koya motif is our tribute to him and his story.

We don’t have the vision of being a designer fashion label in the traditional sense, but a collaborative community that creates together towards the common purpose of furthering textile artisanship. Together with designers, we seek to inspire intention in their process – the notion that every print holds a story, and every craft is a piece of cultural heritage. 3 styles, 2 prints, all in 1 beautiful maroon, take a look at our newest additions.

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Shop the Meherab and Koya motif here

Photos of the All Day Jumpsuit + Koya are taken by Sara.

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