Product Launch: The Reversible Pouch

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One of the things we advocate is creating less waste, especially in our industry. At MATTER, we think about constructing garments without wasting fabric, usually making good use of pieces of fabric. For us, sustainability is not just a matter of how fibres are produced, which chemicals are used to process them, but also how much waste is produced with pattern-cutting of an outfit.

Did you know that garment industries typically lose about 15% to 20% of the fabric in the process of production? To maintain sustainable production practices, we consciously and carefully plan our designs so that we utilize the entire textile to eliminate wastage.  Zero waste isn’t only limited to fashion design though. It is a goal for ethical, economic and efficient processes to guide people in changing their lifestyles and practices to emulate sustainable natural cycles.

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Made from off-cut 100% cotton textiles which are hand and yarn dyed in small batches by our Ikat artisans in Pochampally, the reversible pouch features the Akimbo print, also used in The Modern Monpe + Akimbo, and Cave 17 print, also used in The Easy Dhoti + Cave 17.

These bright dual color, reversible pouches are completely unisex with bold detachable tassels. The pouches can be turned inside out to suit whichever mood you’re in. Perfect as a gift as an Ipad case or for your daily essentials.

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Size: 30 x 23 cm

Colors: Akimbo Print / Cave 17

Tassel: Detachable Yellow and Blue tassel

View our Reversible Pouches here.

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