The Resort Jumpsuit: An Inside Look

5 years on and we’ve made a jumpsuit for almost every need and occasion. The Classic Jumpsuit made skeptics a believer with its bathroom-friendly design. The All Day Jumpsuit takes you from day to night (hence the name) and is easily the most airplane-friendly style we’ve got. In fact, our #mattertribe community loved it so much we took our friend Rachel’s suggestion and cut it shorter into the All Day Romper. The Jump-In Romper is the only uniform you need at a beach, and the Work Jumpsuit was our equivalent of a power suit.

Like we said, we’ve made a jumpsuit for almost every need and occasion. Keyword being almost. Introducing the Resort Jumpsuit.

Resort Jumpsuit + Zalya Jam
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The Resort Jumpsuit is our simplest jumpsuit style yet. Just step in and slip the straps over your shoulders. No wraps, unless you want it, and no buttons, unless you need it. We wanted to make the Resort Jumpsuit effortless, which is why we kept it no fuss. The loose fit is intentionally designed for maximum comfort, wear it as is around the house or for Sunday errands. It’s also pregnancy-friendly, fieldtested and true. Oh, and the adjustable straps and three button details running down the side makes it easy to breastfeed your little ones.

Resort Jumpsuit Lunar Stripe
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Here’s where all the other details come in: we’ve added an optional wrap for tying, detailed a mini loop below the tag on the inside of your Resort Jumpsuit so you can string the belt through when you hang it in your closet, and half-lined the jumpsuit for extra coverage in case you want to go braless.

The Resort Jumpsuit + Zalya Jam is handwoven in ikat by our artisan partners in Pochampally, this is our first foray into multi-colour mega ikat and we scaled this motif up to 100x its original. As they say, go big or go home. Getting the texture, weight, and colours of this textile took a lot of time in its making since there were so many elements involved.

The Resort Jumpsuit + Lunar Stripe is hand loomed by our artisan partners in Kerala. The same artisans who handloom the chambrays you know and love. This is our monochrome alternative.

1 style 2 prints, it’s pregnancy friendly, breast-feeding friendly, flexible in its wear, and comes with pockets – meet the Resort Jumpsuit.

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