The Chenelle Jacket: An Inside Look

Working with a curative philosophy inspired by tradition, we source heritage prints and styles while reinterpreting them in a modern manner. We believe that the cultural history of many nations lies in their textile heritage, and it is through the continuation of that narrative that we pay tribute to their tradition. We began this with our pants, taking the Indian Dhoti to the Sideswept Dhoti and Easy Dhoti, the Lunghi pants of South East Asia to the Lounge Lunghi, and traditional Monpe work pants of Japan to the Modern Monpe.


Naturally, we wanted to carry that same spirit into the first addition of our outerwear range.


Inspired by the Kepenek, a coat worn by shepherds in Iran in the mountains, The Chenelle Jacket is our modern reinterpretation of its traditional silhouette. Historically, the Kepenek had coloured markings on the front that held the symbol of the local felt-maker’s guild. As guilds disbanded, this tradition changed and instead of motifs, names of the felt-makers or of the wearer were embroidered on. Now, the motifs are more decorative in their design. Handspun and handwoven in khadi cotton, the Chenelle Jacket stays cool in the summer and warm in winter.

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On the history of khadi cotton:

The fabric’s introduction to India in the 1920s was an ideology and political movement in itself. Mahatma Gandhi saw the material as a symbol of Indian textile heritage, a mark that they could be self-reliant on cotton instead of the goods sold to them by the British. He would encourage people across India to spin their own yarn, to go back to the roots of their heritage with pride while supporting the Khadi industry. It is a fabric that embodies a worldview of the past as well as of the future.


“If we have the ‘khadi spirit’ in us, we would surround ourselves with simplicity in every walk of life. The ‘khadi spirit’ means infinite patience. For those who know anything about the production of khadi know how patiently the spinners and the weavers have to toil at their trade.” – Gandhi

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As far as transitional pieces go, The Chenelle Jacket is our seasonal essential. Slip your arms through the streamlined slits for a roomy fit, it is the perfect coverup for cool summer nights and breezy autumn mornings. 1 style, 2 prints – in our reinterpretation we’ve designed them to be reversible, wear it one way for a bold print and another for subtle colour.

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