The Intention Behind Organic

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Two and a half years ago, we aligned ourselves with a Slow philosophy. The idea that less can be more, and consideration towards the production process is an echoing action, a pebble thrown into still waters. Now that we’ve come where we are, we’re taking the time to go back to our origins.

We see sustainability as a journey of small actions; it’s about the decisions we make everyday, as individuals and businesses, that come together to collectively affect greater change. We began with the intention of pioneering change in sustainable production through thoughtful design, and we’re going back to those roots in our newest launch as we reintroduce our signature prints in a material we always intended to create with: organic cotton.

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Certified organic and made with azo free dyes, these pants are our step forward. Organic cotton provides a better working environment for farmers and workers, because it’s grown without pesticides and fertilizers. To sustain the harvest and keep the plants alive, farmers grow a diversity of crops, which in return creates a greater source of income for them. Aptly known as the fabric of our lives, organic cotton is gentle on the skin, comfortable to touch, and every wear continues to break down the fibres over time to soften the feel.

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In creating an organic cotton line with our signature prints, we’re choosing a future where sustainable production is the norm. When you hold the pieces in your hands, recognize the efforts behind them, and wear them proudly. As we ground ourselves in the things that matter to us, we know that the addition of these fabrics are a step in the right direction. But we also know that there are still more ways to grow; there is always more impact that can be created, and more change to pioneer. For all that we’ve done so far, and for where we are now in our journey – thank you. It is your passions, your suggestions, and your support that inspire us to continue.

Shop the organic range in our signature prints here.

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