A Day In The Life: Saara Helkala

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8:30am I work from home and often end up working at night. I try to wake up at 8.30 every morning but usually it ends up being 9. I make a pot of tea and some breakfast, open the windows in the living room, check my emails, favourite blogs and other social media pages before slowly getting to work. While having my tea, I love to look out from the window to a little town square next to my house where people are walking their dogs and having morning coffee.

11am —  Normally I work until lunchtime and either eat at home or meet another freelance friend for lunch and some midday walking and coffee drinking. After 2.5 years in Lisbon, I’m still totally in love with the weather.

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This particular day I had a visitor from my home country, and so we spent the day mostly outside. It was a bit chilly in the morning so I ended up taking a jacket and putting on my favourite crazy glitter socks. Around midday it got so warm again that I had to take them off.

1pm — I love going to the big outdoor flea market in Lisbon held every Tuesday and Saturday. I normally don’t even buy anything (well just something super small) but it’s nice to walk around and see all the cute, funny and weird things people are selling. After the flea market I like to walk in the pretty Alfama neighborhood and stop for coffee.

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4pm — Usually I return home at this hour and continue working, but since this day was a bit special, I just continued walking around, having a bit more coffee and chat with my friend.

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7pm — After the sun sets,  it starts to get colder again. Time to put my jacket back on and consider the socks too. On this day, we made a quick pit stop at home, I added some lipstick and brushed my hair and then we went for some drinks and dinner. Unfortunately without a camera.

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I love wearing things that take me through the whole day. I usually don’t feel comfortable wearing white, because I think it suits people with darker hair colours better, but nowadays I’m all about trying new things, and so I wanted to try this dress in white and ended up loving it when combined with a black leather jacket and black shoes. I always wear red lipstick and never go anywhere without it.

I also love pieces that I can wear and wash all the time without thinking if it’s gonna go bad and start to look too worn out. When I find something that I really love, I usually end up wearing it for many days in a row. Just change my hair do and shoes and I’m ready for another day in the same outfit.

We created these pieces to be fit for all occasions, championing the ethos of living better with less. A Day In The Life is a series grounded on the belief that our pieces are made for the everyday, essentials that can carry you through long days and even longer nights. Saara is wearing The Simple Shirt Dress + All Eye Moon, Size 1.


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