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Inspired by nature, Kirsten grew up surrounded by everyday inspirations that led to her journey as an artist. This form of self expression carved her creative path, and she later went on to work as a social worker, showcase her paintings at local boutiques, and start two businesses with her husband.

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What were you doing before TruthPaste? What did the journey look like to get you where you are now?

Before TruthPaste, I was working as an Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Portsmouth, NH. My speciality was and remains with the female adolescent population and I spent the majority of my week with students in the middle and high schools. I was fortunate to be part of a program that supplied select local schools with social workers in order to observe the effects with regard to the environment and culture, as well as the individuals who received the additional support. It was essential to meet each student exactly where they were; fully embracing their uniqueness. This was a new and welcomed experience for many of the young people and a true honor for me. The journey to working with my husband’s company TruthPaste was comprised of a series of chance encounters, starting with our introduction thanks to my childhood best friend. The synchronicities continued to unfold and emerge, and we were ready to listen.

Counseling, artist and owner of TruthPaste – what’s next?

Hopefully more of the same. My vision and goal is that we are able to reach more people while always improving the integrity of the services and quality of support. As my work evolves, my hope is for continued opportunity to learn and grow from people and cultures around the world.

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How do you know when a project is worth doing?

I am not sure we ever really know, but it seem that we are drawn to work that aligns with something we wished had been available to us, or something that aligns with our values. The way I have known and know that a project is worth trying is when I find that I can’t sleep at night or when I feel like I can’t not do it. Graduate school felt this way for me. Moving across the country felt this way for me. Painting feels this way for me. Social and community work feels this way for me. Standing up for peace and for choice feels this way for me.

Life lessons learned from your journey of entrepreneurship?

I continue to learn patience, as well as learning that there is always more to learn! I have witnessed the benefits of growing slow, like a tree, in order to be prepared with a solid foundation for the inevitable storms. I continue to learn that that hard times are some of our greatest teachers and motivators.

#ChangeBeyondTextiles is…

Highlighting the collective web we weave, and this truth that we are one human family. The better we all are, the better we all are.

What motivates and inspires you every day?

The flexibility and resilience that nature shows us. This space where we all live inspires me; this planet that is both ever-expanding while working within a consistent and natural rhythm. There is a divine balance of chaos and order we dance throughout.

Fieldtested Kirsten Merinda
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What is one thing you stand for and believe in, and why?

I believe in integrating our challenges. I believe is healing through creative modalities.

How would you like to be remembered?

As a person who stood for choice, and a person stood up for others, and someone who believed that ‘other’ is really just another word for ‘self’.

We are inspired by Kirsten’s creative self-expression and are proud to have her as Fieldtesters, a group of inspiring individuals that test MATTER products in their everyday journeys of passion, to help us improve durability and design. Kirsten is wearing the The Sideswept Dhoti + Handloom Graph Grey in Size 1. 


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