FIELDTESTED | Luis Cárdenas

Luis Cárdenas is a photographer from Mexico City, who spends his time traveling the world and documenting his journey.

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As a photographer traveling around the world – did you always intend to work in a creative field? How do the dots connect to now?

I come from a family of lawyers and followed suit on that career path. Creative pursuits, especially photography, have always been hobbies more than work. When I was 25, the stress of my legal career started to wear down on my body and I decided to take a break and focus on photography full time. Photography is now a hobby once again and I am working on developing a blockchain-based startup, WeeSign.

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What does creativity mean to you?

Expression. Many people think that they aren’t creative — but I think that’s because we’re focusing too much on the end result. I think creativity is more about the process of expression that what (if anything) is created.

What are your travel essentials?

My Industry of All Nations and Matter Prints clothing. My Patagonia backpack. My Teva sandals. Sunglasses. My Fuji X21 camera, with electrical tape to cover the branding. The camera looks analog, so people usually don’t ask to see the photos. My Casio calculator watch.

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Of all the places you’ve visited, which has been the most memorable? Do you have a favourite travel story to share?

Ethiopia. My friend Marco and I spent a month traveling around the country and have many stories from the experience.

A recent favourite travel memory was trekking through the Atlas mountains in Morocco for my birthday. On the evening of my birthday, we arrived to a remote house in the mountains, where we used vintage binoculars to admire the landscape, played cards, and the local guides and my girlfriend surprised me with a birthday “cake”.


What is the next destination on your bucket list?

Bolivia, and then India.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Luck is distributed at 6am.

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What is one question you wished people asked you more often?

Do you want to get some tacos?

How would you like to be remembered?

As somebody who enjoys life – who is always seeking to learn.

We are inspired by Luis’ perspective on the purpose of travel and are proud to have them as Fieldtesters, a group of inspiring individuals that test MATTER products in their everyday journeys of passion, to help us improve durability and design. Luis is wearing the Modern Monpe + Trikora in Size 1.


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