Preeti Nair, better known as Preetipls, uses her humour to discuss tough-to-tackle social issues and social causes close to her such as LGBTQ+ rights and wildlife conservation. Appointed as one of the ambassadors for Pink Dot 2019 and also a WWF Earth Hour ambassador in 2019. Known more commonly in Singapore for her parody videos that poke fun at more serious topics such as the misrepresentation of minority races in local media and local celebration of Racial Harmony Day.  Known often as “Singapore’s Satirical Internet Queen”, Preetipls has made her first stand up comedy show debut on the lineup of Dream Academy’s Happy Ever Laughter 2018 and often makes rap remixes of other female rap artists, such as Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.

A host, an actress and a musician, how did the drive to be in the entertainment business come about?

I used to work at a 9 to 5 job, until I decided to make a parody video for fun. I realize that with videos and humor, I could address a lot of important issues and raise awareness about topics close to my heart.

Being an advocate of several issues (LGBTQ+, Racial minority, Cyberbullying, Body positivity), what have you learned about how to effectively go about communicating difficult conversations?

It’s been a really interesting process creating content as I address a lot of heavy and pressing issues. Using humour to bring forth my message, I am able to use different comedic elements – such as exaggeration, sarcasm, satire, and self-deprecation which makes the topic I discuss more palatable to my audience. I’ve learned that it can be a tricky balance to achieve, but I’ve brought something unique to the table with an over-the-top Preetipls character and my iconic badly-translated Mandarin subtitles.

How has your journey been in embracing your identity and being comfortable in your own skin?

When I was younger, I had a lot of self-esteem issues that are still present but they have definitely gotten better in the recent few years. I think being able to be Preetipls online has helped me find an amazing community, who shares the same ridiculous sense of humour that I do, and I really appreciate them. It really warms my heart that people laugh at the silly things I create in the comfort of my own room, and it helps me learn to love myself a little more every day.

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Who inspires you and how has their influence shaped you?

Me – I think I’ve made my 12-year-old self really proud. I look back at my life’s experiences and how they’ve shaped my current reality. I’m glad that even though I am a pessimist, I’ve somehow managed to embrace all the not-so-ideal situations I’ve been in and taken advantage of many past traumatic experiences to create content that can help and entertain others.

What does sustainability mean to you?

It means not being excessive in every sense of the word.

What item of clothing makes you feel most like yourself?

I wear way too many bodysuits, so a long-sleeved bodysuit with black pants feels the most me.

What is the relationship you have with your clothes?

My clothes make me really happy. Some days, I just look at my off-shoulder tops and smile. Okay, just kidding. I really like how my clothes make me feel, even though half of my wardrobe is black. It’s especially nice when you find something that suits your body type. For example, I never thought off-shoulder tops would look good on me but now I think it’s my thang!

#ChangeBeyondTextiles is…

… something I’m honestly learning about right now. Trying to find out how to support brands who source their products and materials ethically, and understanding more about their processes – like with MATTER.

What’s your advice to young social media users? Fill in that blank, and then fill in your advice.

Hey kids! I know you can’t wait to be adults. I know you guys hate hearing advice but… don’t believe everything you see online. Ask more questions, stay curious, and it’s important to not follow blindly. Find people whose morals and values align with yours, and create a community of your own.

We are inspired by Preeti’s passion for wanting to bring to light social issues empower social change for minority groups and are proud to have her as Fieldtesters, a group of inspiring individuals that test MATTER products in their everyday journeys of passion, to help us improve durability and design. Preeti is wearing The Square Top + Handloom Natural and The Lounge Lunghi + Falcon Footprint in Size 3. 

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