Working with people based on why you’re doing what you do is a powerful catalyst for any working relationship. It also means that a diversity of opinions are always on the table, which makes for a better end product.


We thought that given everything that has happened over the last few months, we wanted to give you a final opportunity to meet the people behind the brand. Closing the distance, virtually. Taking time to give thanks to those that have grown MATTER to what is has become today.

Qistina – our digital marketing executive whose email you’ve thoroughly enjoyed over the last 13 months would be leaving us and will be open to new opportunities in the future. Write to her, she is amazing.

Jolynn – our merchandising executive who started out interning with us and has joined us full time over the last 14 months would be leaving us and will be open to new opportunities in the future. Write to her, she is amazing.

May Ee – our product creative, who has designed and curated so many of the products you’ve fallen in love with the last 3 years have. Write to her, she is amazing.

Devonne – our eCommerce manager who has been with us over the last 4 years will be folded into our larger Banyan Tree family, a journey that begin 18 months ago. She will continue to be your point of contact from here on out.

For those of you that have visited us at Boutiques, you would be familiar with Mr. Chua – our ops person who will continue to stay on ensuring that all orders will arrive at our warehouse and products be dispatched to you in a timely fashion.


“There is something to learn from anyone.”
And that’s the motto we go by, whether it is from how we run our daily operations to how we choose our team. We believe in the value of collaboration, that great things are done by a series of small things brought together.
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Co-founder, Managing Director

Trained as a sociologist, Ren loves cultural stories and believes in the inherent value of diversity for its own sake. She also loves great pants, and always travels with a camera.

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Co-founder, Sourcing and Design

Yvonne travels by living through the essence of a place. She is passionate about what she believes in and hopes to inspire a better world. There is no day that she doesn’t make someone smile and laugh. She always travels with enough space to buy a souvenir with an inspiring story.

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E-commerce Manager

Inspired by the memories of growing up with people of various cultural backgrounds, Dev is passionate about traveling and learning. She believes strongly that one should live each day to its fullest, and the key to that is embracing happiness and positivity.

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Product Creative

With a passion for textile and product development, May Ee enjoys the process of turning ideas into physical products. She finds delight in discovering the hidden beauty and wisdom through the journey of finding her way. When she’s not traveling and embracing new cultures, she is an avid lover of art and coffee.

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Production & Merchandising Executive

With a passion to discover and explore new things, Jolynn spends her time split between the composed and competitive: from drawing to olympic weightlifting. Though the two are seemingly contrasting in nature, both require tenacity, grit and patience for its mastery – a tenet that drives her throughout the day.

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Qistina Hussaini

Digital Marketing Executive

Qistina loves the art of communication-how one can display such a powerful message whether it is through writing or imagery. Her medium of choice is film photography. During her travels, you can find her hiking or being surrounded by nature.

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Inventory Officer

With a love for things of the old, Chua finds enjoyment in the nostalgic routines of listening to songs from the past — especially those from the 80s and 90s. When he’s not spending time with his family, he likes to travel and take in a world of another culture.

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Artisan Training, Design, and Ethical Sourcing

Sonica runs an ethical design and sourcing consultancy that connects socially motivated designers and companies with artisans. A veritable force of nature, she is a trained fashion designer, industry thought leader and natural, passionate connector with a zest for life, especially ice cream.

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Visual Creative

Mukul is an internationally published Indian photojournalist. He believes that experience is the prime entity that provokes human growth, and thus creates one’s individuality. His love for telling these thought-provoking stories through photographs has lead him to be on the road for over 2 years now.

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