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Practised from Guatemala to Okinawa, ikat is a heritage craft of incredible diversity. This globally dispersed artisan craft is a tie and dye technique where yarns are resist dyed to achieve the final textile pattern in weaving. Only when the yarns are woven together does the final pattern emerge in a tapestry of meaning. The most prized ikat was often found in Central Asia and traded along the Silk Road.

Staying in the Pochampally home of Srinath, our master ikat weaver who taught us the intricate ropes of ikat, we witnessed how every artisan household is part and parcel of a wider cultural and economic ecosystem. Generations upon generations have practised this craft, and we were moved to tell the story of its making and are excited about exploring its many forms worldwide.

Quick Facts

  • Artisan Communities:
  • People Involved:
  • Meters of Fabric Ordered:
  • 3 communities
  • 427 individuals
  • 14,343.66 meters

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