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It is a traditional craft that dates back to thousands of years. Today the few who still know how to dye naturally often work with chemicals because they can not manage to find a demand for their skill. Creating a need for natural dye allows for the conservation of the craft. It also creates work by hand, providing employment and a safe environment to dyers. On top of that, less than two hundred years ago the whole world still wore natural dyes every day – it is one of the most sustainable dyeing options out there.

These tops are dyed and stitched in Ahmedabad by Indigenous Industries. We visited them during our time in India, and though we were only there for 3 days we quickly found kinship in the values that ground both our missions. With a focus on natural dyes, the team takes pride in being able to provide employment and a safe environment to their dyers, for them to be able to carry their families’ skills forward and express themselves with something they feel proud and strongly about.

Quick Facts

  • Artisan Communities:
  • People Involved:
  • Meters of Fabric Ordered:
  • 1 communities
  • 25 individuals
  • 410 meters



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